Way forward to muslim ummah

This is one of the main teachings of Islam. While Chapra believes "that Islam envisages an economic system that promotes human well-being and a good life hayah tayyibah by giving the utmost importance to brotherhood and socio-economic justiceand requiring a balanced satisfaction as regards humanity's material and spiritual needs".

Following this we have examples of non Muslims asking for Islam to rule them with its justice. Many do not deserve to be in those positions even for half a day, yet they cling to power at every cost, sometimes for years on end.

By the time we learn good books on aqeedah and Sunnah, no one will tell us before we begin to understand the rulings on many issues that appear to be controversial. Muslims were powerless to help each other. Damaging role of non-Muslim actors g. Internally, the system is based on the perpetually poverty generating mechanisms of capitalism, in which SCAF Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is deeply entrenched.

The roots and causes of the Islamic Ummah’s decline

For example, the biggest sins used to be committed in the city of Tehran and nobody would even frown upon them. According to Fetullah Gulen: It is nonsensical to claim that one can implement Islamic law within a non-Islamic institutional framework. To confuse and distort the true unity of the Ummah, multiple names were created for Muslims: What greater sunnah is there to revive than to reestablish a state for Muslim that will implement Islam, allowing Muslims and non Muslims to see the true justice and peace of Islam.

Business flourishes when partners trust each other.

It will merely be defined in terms of gold. Thanked Times in Posts Way forward for muslim ummah Part 2 Education As the West grew in material wealth, they also grew in military might. Others may be Muslims but the very basic qualities such as fulfilling of Faraidh basic fundamentalsrudimentary Ilm knowledgeIkhlas sincerity and Taqwa pietylet alone the other leadership qualities, are sorely lacking.

They help to prop them up by providing them security and protection against their own people. You May Also Like: So, ignorance of true Sunnah, and contravention of the Sunnah will always lead to dangerous repercussions in the society. Afghan support to Indian agency RAW ii.


Our radio and tv stations are filled with many misrepresentations about Islaam and Sunnah, and until we start resorting to learning from source, we will be far away from the sunnah without knowing. More importantly it should learn from others because "wisdom is an attribute of the believers they take from whoever".

Moral purity is really necessary for a country. For He is exalted in Might, Wise 8:. How We Underdeveloped the Ummah and the Way Forward.


By. Ibrahim Ado-Kurawa. [email protected] Prepared for the National Unity Conference held in Kaduna July At first I expected this to be a topic of discussion and not a paper because it is too wide and contentious.

Ummah Arabi or in the arabic, Ummah Arabiyah, refers to Pan-Arabism, a Supra-Arab state encompassing the entire Middle East. An ideology dating back to. The challenges of education amongst the Muslim Ummah in Nigeria vary with locations.

The roots and causes of the Islamic Ummah’s decline

The challenges facing the Muslims in the north are different from those facing those in South. Both are rooted in history of the peoples of these areas. We should also learn from each other. Islamic Awakening: The only way in which the Islamic Ummah can restore Dignity.

The roots and causes of the Islamic Ummah’s decline. and his honorable companions and brave followers was pushing Islam forward at a high speed.

Until the 4th and 5th centuries on the Islamic calendar, it was the Holy Prophet’s (S) original efforts that. IGBO Muslim Ummah cordially invites you to: IGBO MUSLIM NATIONAL CONFERENCE THEME: Islam in Igboland, The Way Forward SUB THEME: Challenges Facing New Igbo Muslim Reverts. ISLAMABAD, Sept Some national and international religious scholars Tuesday stressed on the Muslim Ummah to make modern education its top most priority in .

Way forward to muslim ummah
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