Wheelchair with elevating and descending seat

That is, there may be instances where an occupant desires that the seat automatically positions itself at a position other than horizontal. Or, tilt chair to one side and lift up on seat rail.

Thus, even if the terrain has a slope, the wheelchair occupant can be maintained in a level position. The wheelchair seat as defined in claim 4 wherein each actuator second end is pivotally mounted to the seat to provide two degrees of movement therebetween.

Control is very smooth and actuator jerking is eliminated. Read the entire manual carefully before operating your new wheelchair, and refer to it as often as necessary to help maintain good performance standards. The wheelchair seat as defined in claim 2 wherein the actuators are secured to opposite sides of the seat at a rear portion thereof.

The drive tires will usually be air filled but solid inserts are usually available. The van seat basically looks like a vehicle seat with armrests, padding and upholstery.

Customizable seat heights allow the seat to be lowered for foot propulsion, if necessary. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. Jazmin G Date published: In a preferred embodiment, the actuators are mounted at the rear left southwest and rear right southeast portions of the seat back.


Additionally, the drives for the actuators can be modified by using a full H-bridge drive for each motor using power MOSFETs that allow simple implementation of a bidirectional, variable speed drive. Conventional foot or leg support assemblies or riggings 28 are mounted to opposite sides and at the front ends of the frame assembly Hope this helps, thank you again.

It is intended to include all such modifications and alterations insofar as they come within the scope of the appended claims or the equivalents thereof. Turning Radius The turning radius is the amount of free space required in each direction around the power wheelchair when turning a complete circle.

Periodic inspection, adjustment, and replacement of worn parts will provide many years of superb performance. Inspired by European design, Breezy Elegance Gold ultra lightweight frame and enhanced adjustability provides optimal user comfort and caregiver ease of use.

The tires have rotted. We recommend the Quickie Breezy Wheelchair as a suitable replacement. According to yet another aspect of the invention, an actuator assembly is disposed between the frame and the seat to provide the desired movement of the seat. This allows a wheelchair occupant to remain level while the chair traverses uneven ground or to selectively reposition the seat to relieve pressure points without the assistance of an attendant.

To release lock, pull swingaway release hinge plate lever forward, toward front of wheelchair. The big difference with the scissor type mechanism is the wheelchair seat frame is supported on all four corners rather than a single point in the center of the seat frame.

The contoured cushion provides a level sitting surface and mild positioning. The seat position and size, plus the footrest type and angle all will have a bearing on turning radius.

As will be recognized, since the universal joint is secured to both the base and the seat, the seat can thereby tilt in a number of directions and adopt various angular orientations in light of the selected extension and retraction of the actuators.

The power wheelchair as defined in claim 8 wherein the first and second actuators are linear actuators oriented at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the base, first ends of the actuators secured to the base by pivotal joints and second ends of the actuators secured to the seat by pivotal joints to allow at least two degrees of movement of the seat relative to the base.

The invention has been described with reference to the preferred embodiment. To release lock, pull swinga- way release lever forward, hinge plate toward front of wheelchair.

The power wheelchair as defined in claim 8 wherein the actuator is operatively connected to the power source. See picture at right. The van seat may be available in a couple of sizes but there will be no option for customization or modification.

The Elegance Gold wheelchair features a contoured plush cushion and tension adjustable backrest for sitting comfort and postural support.

Centro – Vertical Lift

In operation, the seat portion of the wheelchair attempts to maintain a level position, that is the position of the seat relative to the axis of gravity is sensed.

Moreover, many surfaces over which the wheelchair traverse are not, in fact, level. In addition to the frame length we have to take into account of how much the footrests extend beyond the front and rear of the power base frame.

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Even more impressive, most users under lbs can drive the chair in the raised position. Many power seating systems are available with the PSE2. Customer Questions and Answers where can I get a replacement for a arm rest Asked by: The signals from the pendulum sensors are connected by digital logic to relays that apply full power to the actuators.

Wheelchair Parts and Accessories. The products below are designed to fit our EZee Fold line of power wheelchairs however they are fairly generic and some, such as our pack pack, side pouch, cushions, etc., will fit our manual wheelchairs and other manufacturers' models.

EZee Life Warranty Registration. Cougar Ultra Lightweight Rehab Wheelchair, Elevating Leg Rests, 18" Seat. $ Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. Cougar Ultra Lightweight Rehab Wheelchair, Swing away Footrests, 16" Seat. $ Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. Cougar Ultra Lightweight Rehab Wheelchair, Swing away Footrests, 18" Seat.

Wheelchair Accessories; Wheelchair Accessories Sort. Set Descending Direction. Showing: of items. Calf Bumpers.

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Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 0 Reviews. Unpadded Amputee Seat with Cushioned Stu Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 0 Reviews. The Breezy Elegance wheelchair is the newest addition to the Sunrise Medical line of ultra light folding portable wheelchairs.

Inspired by European design, ultra lightweight frame with a premium combination of adjustability, seating support, and caregiver features. Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair with Desk Arms, Elevating Leg Rests and 18 in. Seat is rated out of 5 by 1. Rated 5 out of 5 by xhigh from I've been using this wheelchair for about two and half months, mending a 5/5(1).

Comes with swing-away footrests or elevating leg rests with tool-free adjustable length riggings. Dual-Axle Wheelchair; Built-in seat rail extensions and extendable upholstery easily adjust seat depth from 16” to 18″ and convenience when descending or pausing on .

Wheelchair with elevating and descending seat
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